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Baja California has many different developments to choose from.  Along the coastline you can see multi story condos going up that will boast some of the best views from California to Mexico.  Gated communities with all the luxuries of home await your own final touches. Hillside and oceanfront lots are available to build your own Mexican dream home.  Many of these developments offer finance and some are perfect for that investment you have been planning. There is something for everyone.
Vacation home, villa or townhouse for the retiree that wants to spend time playing golf instead of shoveling snow. Investment condos that will give you an income and a vacation getaway.
There is plenty of ocean view land to build your dream home. You can even find a Mexican development built by an American developer that offers American title insurance.

Here in Baja California is the biggest surprise of all.  "An ocean view that almost anyone can afford."